Friday, March 16, 2012

Cookie Inspired Haiku

Girl Scout brings cookies,

Yummy, sweet deliciousness.

Back to it…Who’s next?

You have secret staff.

Made of yummy chocolate.

Happy cubicle!

If you haven't guessed, Girl Scout cookies arrived recently. I had a box of thin mints at my desk.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

All the personality of a bar code

Bars and spaces parallel
Unique, yet unnamed, and carries
Not even as much individuality as a number.

Tired of repeating the same answers,
I try to go off script.
No luck.
To this operator/ scheduler/ untitled worker I am just another account.
One of many, all alike.

I am a bar code.
A featureless set of lines, unreadable by the human eye.
Scan me, I may contain information.
Feelings? Symptoms? Pain? Forget it.
Follow the script, the whole script, and only the script.
Is this any way to provide health care?
If I can get past the operator/ scheduler/ untitled worker I might be a person. Maybe.
Then again, maybe not.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


In the garden
I can be me.
I can relax.
I don't have to pretend to be normal
Or fake happiness.
No plastic smiles stick on my face.
Social skills optional; the tomatoes want water, not conversation.

In the garden
I have no deadlines.
I can slowly pour the water onto the plants
Letting the moisture sink into the soil
Nourishing the plant roots below
Encouraging growth above ground.

In the garden
I can hold entire conversations in my head
No one need know what I'm thinking
Indeed, the talk is quite dull to most.
In the garden, my thoughts are my own
Until I decide to share them, if I share them at all.

A small plot of ground,
My garden is my retreat.
When I need a break.

Monday, May 02, 2011

The Stockpile: Ten Years Later

Remember after the Twin Towers crashed?
Remember the panic, the advice
from government leaders
to prepare for anything, everything
by buying
Bottled water, analgesics, thermometers,
Batteries for the flashlights and radios,
And emergency rations, enough to last six weeks or more.

Nuclear Power Plants are nearby,
Viruses are everywhere, and
Quarantine is inevitable.

But now --
Osama bin Laden is dead and his organization
Our economy is in recession, and cash flow is very tight.

Think about it.
Closets packed with canned food,
Over-the-counter meds,
And cases of bottled water?

Shop, yes. And replenish the woodpile, too.
But I’ll buy a bottle of wine
A good book,
Cheese and crackers.
Seeds and seedlings for my garden,
Not stockpiles of panic.
We’ll cozy up by the fireplace,
In our favorite blankets and quilts,
To enjoy each other,
And take care of our family.

We’ll continue living our lives.
Common sense, love and caring,
and family
Make survival after any disaster

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

A Very Special Author

originally posted in March 2007; originally published in WSRA Journal in 1997

When we were young
And could pick up a book,
A man with a gift
Made us all take a look

At a cat with a mission,
A feline with style,
Dressed up in a hat
With a hint of beguile.

The cat made us smile,
The Grinch brought a tear.
While the Whos down in Whoville
Inspired a cheer.

Those red fish and blue fish
Or green eggs and ham
The Star Bellied Sneetches
And that Sam-I-Am

The poor little boy
Wearing five hundred hats
Got caught in the oobleck
That fell and went splat.

His stories had morals,
Were strong with conviction,
Even though written
As young readers' fiction.

A clear point of view,
The compassion he saw,
Like"...a person's a person,
No matter how small."

The elephant Horton
Who said what he meant,
That he could be faithful,
One hundred percent.

And think of the Lorax,
The one who said, "Please,
Oh, Please stop destroying
The Truffula Trees!"

His creatures were special,
Both comic and tragic,
Some small and some large,
With an aura of magic.

Think of the characters,
Ageless and timeless,
And how he could make
Something rhyme that seemed rhymeless!

The point of my story,
I'm sure you have reckoned,
Someone quite special
Was born on March second.

Creator of Yertle,
And Thidwick the Moose,
A talent unequaled:
The dear Dr. Seuss.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Recipe for a rough morning

Take one dark and dreary day,
with the preceding poor night's sleep full of
Dreams that upset and confuse.
Sore eyes wanting to close,
Shoulders tense with unease.

Pick up a soft and sweet rabbit asking for a hug. Snuggle and pet.
Find lumbar pillow. Insert behind lower back in recliner.
Reach for a flavored coffee: half caffeinated, so as not to over stimulate.
Add a layer of cozy blanket throws.
Take a deep breath.
Close eyes.
Empty mind of confusion and worries.
Take another deep breath.


Sunday, December 05, 2010

Happy first birthday!
It's time to open your gifts.
Then: play with the box!

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Shy Violet

Shy Violet was quiet,
more thoughtful than active.
Pale in appearance, her colorful side hidden to most,
The morning sun would show her loveliness
To those privileged to be allowed near.

Shy Violet had
Rainbows on the walls of her small room.
Only those who woke early enough
could enjoy an acquaintance with the inner beauty of
Shy Violet.

When I moved into my final dorm room my senior year in college, I found a small handwritten note in the desk that said "This room painted in Shy Violet." The walls appeared white except in the day time sun, when the violet shade would deepen. This was strongest around noon in winter when the sun would shine through the leafless branches of the trees on the riverbank outside my window. Midday was the only time that my hanging crystal would get enough sun to make rainbows on the light purple walls.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Beauty in simplicity

My garden isn't lovely
in the conventional sense.
It is home to vegetables, not flowers.

Shades of green
With an occasional spot of color:
Golden squash blossom, yellow bean, orange and red tomatoes

But the real beauty
Among the deep green of the spinach or the deep rich brown of the composted soil
Is hearing my kids call out, with complete honesty,

"Mom's playing in the dirt again!"

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring poems and photography

Please visit Spring, a creation of a fellow gardener and poet.