Friday, December 28, 2007

Winter Storm

Snow layers on the trees
The proverbial blanket of white
Too pretty to feel cold
Takes the shape of all it covers.

Stillness, early sunset comes
All muffled by the still-falling snowflakes
Not too windy, instead,
The kind of falling snow that
Holiday parade officials wish would fall as Santa arrives.

But not Christmas, now, despite the colorful lights
Still visible in families’ windows and yards
Just a lovely steady snowfall
Coating the houses, the porches, the trees,
And sending small animals into

Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday haiku

Sweet bunny still young
Died under anesthesia
Earlier today.

La Petite brought home a new little one a little while after Tiny died. She named him Darwin, and introduced him to Sadie and Peanut. They got along famously. She brought him in to be neutered today, and his heart stopped during the surgery. I'll share some happy Darwin pictures later on. He was a sweetie, a very loving little furry friend.

Here's a link to one of La Petite's photo albums. There are several pix of Darwin.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Recipe for Another Successful School Year

a co-op poem created by sixth grade students during their first week of school

Start with one gingerbread school with a chocolate bar roof.
Add gingerbread teachers.
Put in desks, chairs, and sugar cookie books.
Spray with sticky notes, cinnamon rolls, and caramel lunch money.
Slice and dice with scissors.
Mix the books with folders and cooks.
Drop in a couple of gym shoes.
Sprinkle with school supplies.
Deep fry all ingredients.

Spread some eagerness.

Place gingerbread kiddos in desks.
Fill the backpacks with goodies.
Frost with glue and chocolate chip cookies.

Serve with friends.

Recipe for a Successful School Year

a co-op poem created by sixth grade students during their first week of school

First, place nice teachers in a bowl.
Add well-behaved students.
Fill desks with pencils, markers, scissors, colored pencils, paper, and folders.
Add a couple brains and a Tablespoon of friendship. Add some kindness.
Combine with math facts.
Stir into full desk.
Bake for a year. Take out of oven.
Cut into 30 pieces. Sprinkle with focus.
Serve to 30 people and

Thursday, March 01, 2007

A Very Special Author

When we were young
And could pick up a book,
A man with a gift
Made us all take a look

At a cat with a mission,
A feline with style,
Dressed up in a hat
With a hint of beguile.

The cat made us smile,
The Grinch brought a tear.
While the Whos down in Whoville
Inspired a cheer.

Those red fish and blue fish
Or green eggs and ham
The Star Bellied Sneetches
And that Sam-I-Am

The poor little boy
Wearing five hundred hats
Got caught in the oobleck
That fell and went splat.

His stories had morals,
Were strong with conviction,
Even though written
As young readers' fiction.

A clear point of view,
The compassion he saw,
Like"...a person's a person,
No matter how small."

The elephant Horton
Who said what he meant,
That he could be faithful,
One hundred percent.

And think of the Lorax,
The one who said, "Please,
Oh, Please stop destroying
Tha Truffula Trees!"

His creatures were special,
Both comic and tragic,
Some small and some large,
With an aura of magic.

Think of the characters,
Ageless and timeless,
And how he could make
Something rhyme that seemed rhymeless!

The point of my story,
I'm sure you have reckoned,
Someone quite special
Was born on March second.

Creator of Yertle,
And Thidwick the Moose,
A talent unequaled:
The dear Dr. Seuss.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Free Fall

A ribbon in the wind
The lace curtains blow
Serene in their motion
The waves softly flow.

Dancing so slightly
The cool ocean breeze
Gently caresses
The leaves on the trees.

Pale purple dreams
With shades of cool blue
I'm drifting, free falling
But safely -- with you.

Happy Valentine's Day, dear.